Moo-Free Burgers is the newest addition to the Charlies empire owned by vegan brothers Michael and Johnny. Attached to the Rawsqueeze in Northlakes; it’s the first of its kind and certainly not the last, with food trucks and future venues already in the works.

What sets this place apart from your other burger joints is that everything is 100% vegan. Though the menu is entirely plant based, it doesn’t compromise flavour or variety; with an abundance of burger choices, sweet potato/potato fries and a crazy amount of relishes and sauces- it’s quite the contrary.

Not only will you find burgers but given that it is attached to Brisbane’s beloved Rawsqueeze, you can expect falafel and taco bowls, raw treats, vegan gelato, nice cream plus coffee, juice and all the other goods you’ve come to love.

I was lucky enough to attend a tasting of the menu and let me tell you- vegans know their food and they don’t skimp on size! I’m still full!

Here’s a FEW of my favourites from the huge menu;

Vegan Brothers Delight– moo free beefless pattie (developed by the brothers), rasher, cheese, onion, tomato lettuce and mustard mayo. Kindly showcased by Michelle

Chick’n Licken– Chick’n, rasher, pineapple, avo, onion, tomato, lettuce, relish + mayo. I love that this has pineapple on it. Really nice tropical addition that is perfect for the QLD climate I feel. Nice crispy texture as a dovetail to the salad!

BBQ Jack– pulled jackfruit, beetroot, slaw + mayo. Do I even need to say anything? You can see this was delicious. I loved that it wasn’t grossly saucy either- sometimes you get a burger and its just one big mess of sauce. This fella boasted some killer, finger licking flavour but didnt leave you walking around with suspicious brown stained clothing. Winner in my books all round.

Mooxicano-Black bean patty, cheese, avo, cornchips, onion, tomato, lettuce, salsa + mayo. Imagine the best bowl of nacho’s youve eaten then put it between a delicious soft burger bun. That good.

Mama Kays– mama’s falafel, tabouli, tomato, lettuce, hummus and mayo. Traditional flavour combo of hummus tabouli and falafel, only burg-ified! Serious staple here, something that you can bet even the fussiest of your friends will like.

Fun Guy– Mushroom, cheese, onion, tomato, lettuce, pesto + mayo. Being a mushroom fan I was super stoked that the pesto didn’t smother the taste of everything else on this one! Creepin’ in on Maddy taking a cheeky snap here.

Hash & Beet– hashbrown, cheese, gardein beefless patty, beetroot, tomato, lettuce, relish and pickle mayo. Can see this one being an epic hangover cure!

Off Da Hook-fishless fillet, tomato, lettuce and tartare. Not even kidding, this tastes IDENTICAL to fish, possibly even a little better given that you don’t get the stank breath after eating it heh.

My absolute favourite had to be the “BBQ JACK” however each burger had it’s own quality which individualised it from the others. Having said that I think that it’s not really a place that you’d have too much trouble deciding what to order because you could base your decision on what you feel like.The BBQ Jack was quite saucy which I loved however I know that some days I really wouldn’t be down for that and I’d prefer the fresh and crisp taste of Mama Kay’s- a felafel, tabouli and hommus based burger.

The “Mooxicano” is a bit of an all rounder’s like a big bowl of nacho’s in burger form (when is that ever bad)- with avo, salsa and corn chips stuffed inside.

The “Off Da Hook” (fish burger) would be really nice on a hot summers evening, as would the “Chicken Lickin” however if you’ve had a big night you might want to go the “Hash & Beet” a monsterous burger with beefless patty, cheese, salad and crispy hashbrown.

The only similar venue in Australia is Soul Burger (located in Sydney) and so I’m predicting big things to come with Moo-Free not just in the vegan community either! Give it a go, you might be surprised how good plant based, cruelty free food can taste.

My suggestion- Mama Kays burger with a side of sweet potato fries. If you’re somehow still hungry after that, a nice cream with gelato or a smoothie will fix you right up!



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