Hands out, palms up, napkins on. Get ready to taste a new, juicy burger – without the harm.MooFree Burgers is the latest edition to the Brisbane vegan scene. Opening 10 December, MooFree Burgers has become the city’s first burger bar to create mouth-watering masterpieces using animal-free ingredients.

Situated in North Lake, MooFree Burgers shares its doors with sister vegan outlet, Raw Squeeze, whose smoothies, juices, gelato and superfood bowls are on site to compliment to any MooFree Burger.

These vegan hubs are the result of the hard work of Charlie’s Group, owned by the Tabet Brothers, Johnny and Michael Tabet.

The brothers aim to reduce their impact on the environment as much as possible, after being deeply moved by the documentary ‘Cowspiracy’.At MooFree Burgers, you’ll find classics on the menu such as the cheese burger and chicken-licken at around $13, but won’t be left wanting more with the eye-popping ‘Monster,’ filled with $49 worth of vegan goodness. The menu boasts homely ingredients, such as the falafels in the ‘Mama Kay’s’ inspired by their Mum’s recipe, a secret seasoning for the ‘perfect chip’, and ‘meatless’ meat. The best seller is the signature ‘meatless meat’ patty known as the ‘VBD’ – Vegan Brother’s Delight.

Charlie’s Group supports local animal rescues and sanctuaries and will work closely with animal protection organisations in the future. Jovie Marie from Charlie’s Group says, “The work that went on for months behind the scenes has created a menu that should please everyone, vegan or non-vegan. If we can choose to eat good, healthy, tasty meals without harming animals, why wouldn’t we?”A burger truck will hit the road early next year too, with the truck to visit all the Raw Squeeze stores weekly, sharing the scrumptious vegetable and lentil delights with local foodies.

Burger lovers on the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and in Ipswich can look forward to wrapping their hands around a MooFree burger, with stores opening across Queensland in April, 2017.